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CFMCC Signs the Strategic Cooperation Agreement with ZSIDC

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  On August 24, CFMCC signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Zhongmin Shenglian Industrial Development Co. Ltd (ZSIDC). Song Zhanjiang, Party Secretary & President of CFMCC, attended the signing ceremony. Shen Kun, Vice President of ZSIDC, and Wen Zhigang, Director of CFMCC Marketing Department, signed on the agreement on behalf of the two parties.

  Mr. Song held talks with Mr. Shen before the signing ceremony. Mr. Song briefly introduced the situation of CFMCC’s transformation and upgrading and PPP projects in recent years. He said, adapting to the national economic development trend, CFMCC has positively established new business model, gradually turned from single construction to the development model of including investment, construction and operation, which focuses on improving the comprehensive service capability including preliminary planning, consulting, feasibility study, investment and financing, construction and project operating in the late period. Mr. Song said, CFMCC will build a good platform of sincere cooperation and seeking common development to realize the win-win situation by giving full play to its advantages as a central enterprise on the management, technology and talent.

  Mr. Shen said, the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement is an effective improving of the mutual cooperation relationship, and the two parties shall share resources, complement each other’s advantages, make concrete analysis according to the market, and select high quality projects to cooperate. At the same time, he hopes to take this agreement as an opportunity to integrate high quality resources, use the effect of brand advantage and achieve the goal of joint development.

  According to the agreement, the two parties will base on the principle of long-term cooperation, seeking joint development and mutual benefits, provide each other with information on policy, economy, science and technology, and project resources in the aspects of domestic urban infrastructure construction, PPP project investment, real estate development, municipal engineering, emerging industry and so on, and establish a long-term, stable and multi-dimensional cooperation with the view of development.

  By Cheng Jianzhe


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