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Reshuffling of CFMCC Top Management by MCC Group

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On 19th Sep. 2014, CFMCC held a meeting announcing the decision of adjusting CFMCC management by MCC. Liu Yiming has been appointed as CFMCC director, managing director, and deputy party secretary. Lei Qing has been appointed as CFMCC Vice MD and Party Committee member. And Song Zhanjiang will not undertake the position of CFMCC MD.
Shan Zhongli, who is MCC deputy Party Secretary and Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission were present at the meeting. He announced the decision of CFMCC management decision and also raised two requirements to CFMCC’s further development.
Firstly, to catch the opportunity, expedite the transformation, and push the CFMCC transformation and development to a new stage. In recent years, CFMCC caught the opportunity of expediting the urbanization construction, explored the non-metallurgical market and has got some business achievement. CFMCC should further strengthen the market development relying on its brand and experience. Meanwhile, CFMCC has also taken the burden of high index of due payment and stock ,on which MCC has been paying high importance. CFMCC management should keep cool in mind, implement conscientiously in action, and clear the due payment and stock. 
Secondly, to keep strengthening the style construction and create a clear and positive environment. Management construction is the top priority. The key is to emphasize competence construction of “the first hand”. Song Zhanjiang, as the chairman of CFMCC, shall keep attention on principle, strategy decision and risk prevention. Liu Yiming, as managing director, shall keep attention of production & operation, and implementation of group policy. The main top management members shall communicate and coordinate with each other. They should overcome their weaknesses by acquiring other's strong points, have respective responsibilities but with overall situation view. They should work together and utilize collective strength. Party committee should take main responsibility of constructing ethical party and strengthen the management of party construction and anti-corruption. Party secretary is the first responsible person, who shall take care of style construction, strict discipline, and punishment on corruption. Discipline inspection commission shall be responsible for supervising the construction of ethical party. Regarding the selection and appointment of management person, party committee shall control it properly by selecting good leader with good achievement and reputation. They should strengthen the system construction and use the power on the table.
Finally Shan Zhongli emphasized that all levels of management shall be clean and honest, be strict with themselves, cherish their current post, be fair while using their power, and work diligently. All the employees and management from MCC and CFMCC have great expectation to CFMCC’s future. He hopes that under the leadership of new management, CFMCC should make greater contribution on constructing beautiful MCC with full enthusiasm. 
At the meeting, Song Zhanjiang and Liu Yiming made their speech respectively to express their attitude. And CFMCC senior management members and department in-charges attended the meeting. 
By Hu Peng & Chen Ming
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