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MOHURD Experts Conduct On-the-Spot Check of Special-Grade Qualification

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In the morning of 22nd Sep. 2014, expert group on examining special-grade qualification from Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China conducted on-the-spot check of our company since we applied for special-grade general contracting of metallurgical projects. CFMCC leaders Song Zhanjiang, Lao Xiaoyun, Guo Jizhou, Dai Jianren, Huang Tao, Tian Guoqing, Xie Dayong, Lei Qing and Xie Congwei attended the meeting. 
Before the meeting, the expert group, accompanied by Song Zhanjiang and Xie Congwei, visited the Exhibition Hall, watched propaganda film and got to know clearly about the history and glorious achievement of CFMCC. They highly praised that  CFMCC made great contributions for iron and steel industry in New China and had high sense of responsibility and community, and believed that CFMCC had solid foundation in the aspects of capacity of metallurgical projects, market competitiveness and enterprise culture construction. The group leader expressed that they would conduct the check in a responsible way. 
CFMCC Chairman and Party Secretary Song Zhanjiang introduced the basic situation of CFMCC regarding special-grade qualification. He said that with the last 60 years of development, CFMCC witnessed the development of iron and steel industry in China and improvement of urban construction, and the company had made great progress in enterprise management and technology level. And he hoped taking the application of special-grade qualification as an opportunity, CFMCC would make more efforts to promote its competitiveness in all aspects and fight for the dreams of “One-hundred-year CFMCC, Build to Last”. 
After that, the expert group divided into several teams and conducted on-the-spot check of CFMCC’s work of special-grade qualification application. They carefully checked and reviewed the situation of information construction and originals of general document, documents of achievement and staffs, and also went to the construction site of Gusaoshu project. At the last meeting, the expert group greatly appreciated the carefulness, completeness and accuracy of CFMCC’s work in information construction and preparation of application documents, and put forward some constructive suggestions. And their comments after site visit will be submitted to MOHURD for rechecking in according to relevant requirements. 
By Chen Ming
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