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Wuhan Women’s Fed. Chmn Visits Wuqing Dike and Linjiang Ave. Upgrading Project

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On 18th Sep., Chen Guangju, Wuhan Women’s Union Chairman, Zou Chunyan, Vice Chairman, and Liu Futang, Vice Secretary of Qingshan District Committee came to Wuqing Dike and Linjiang Avenue Upgrading project site under the rain.
At 10:00 AM in the morning, the team led by Chen Guangju came to Tieji Rd. sector of the project. They have learnt project status, working scope, working progress and construction process, etc. They have also given related suggestions and requirements regarding the working progress and ecology problem in the project upgrading.
This project is one of the important projects to improve river sightseeing system in Wuhan, and it’s also the first municipal project undertaken by CFMCC in Qingshan District since basing here 60 years ago. The project has got high importance from group management. In order to expedite the working progress, the construction has been carried out day and night since commencement of piling work on 9th Aug.
Till date, 60% of road construction of phase I has been completed. 95% of phase I of dike body has been completed, 40% landscaping has been completed, and 30% piling has been completed. In addition to this, phase II road construction has been started, and earth covered construction in No. 7 Jianshe Rd. is also under preparation.
By Chen Sisi
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