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MCC VP Comes to CFMCC for Inspection

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On 16th Sep. 2014, Huang Dan, standing member of MCC CPC Committee and VP, and the party came to Hannan Farm and Puren Hospital for inspection. Song Zhanjiang, CFMCC Chairman and Party Secretary, and Xie Congwei, CFMCC Director, accompanied them. 

In the morning of the same day, the party went to Hannan Farm. They heard the report regarding the current situation, existing problems, main work in recent years and the advice to the development of Hannan Farm, carefully asked for the information about the farm, and then gave their advice: firstly, seek for cooperation. To look for strategic partners, focusing on economic benefit, and probe the win-win development mode; secondarily, self support. To reallocate the resources, communicate with the competitors, and improve performance to shuffle out of the difficulty. 
In the afternoon, they came to Puren Hospital. They visited the new Outpatient Service Building and Inpatient Building, and also heard the report from the leaders of the hospital about the development situation and problems existed of the hospital and then gave them answers. They hopefully expected the hospital to be developed based on the spirits of self-reliance and hard pioneering work. 
Wang Jiacheng and Liao Fang, the general manager and chief accountant of MCC Assets Management Company, accompanied them as well.  
By Zhong Wei 


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