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CFMCC Holds Singing Competition Successfully for Double Celebration

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On 29th Sep. 2014, on the occasion of the 65th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China and the 60th Anniversary of establishment of China First Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd., CFMCC held “Celebrating the China National Day, welcoming our Factory Day” Singing Competition in the multi-functional hall on the third floor. 14 delegations in total from CFMCC branches and subsidiaries entered the competition, and they expressed their blessings and hope for the motherland and CFMCC respectively with songs and passion. Lv Bing, secretary of Leading Party Group of Wuhan Literary Federation, and Ma Huan, head of Propaganda and Education Department of Wuhan Trade Union Council, came on invitation, and CFMCC leaders, Song Zhanjiang, Liu Yiming, Guo Jizhou, Wang Cheng, Lei Qing and Ai Qingzhu watched the game. 
To make sure the competition to be fair and just, CFMCC invited experts and scholars from Wuhan Trade Union Council, Wuhan Musicians Association, Wuhan Conservatory of Music, Wuhan Song and Dance Theater and Arts Department of Wuhan University to be judges. During the competition, all delegations drew loud applause from the audience for their enterprising spirits, diversified form of acting and impassioned singing. Eventually, CFMCC Construction and Engineering Company won the championship with the song of “Under the Sparkling Sunlight”, Management Center of Retirement, CFMCC M&E Company, CFMCC Industrial Furnace Company and MCC (Wuhan) Real Estate Company won the second prize, Puren Hospital, CFMCC Real Estate Company, Wuhan Steel Structure Company and CFMCC Offices delegation got the third prize, CFMCC Wuhan Branch, CFMCC Communication Engineering Company, CFMCC Mechanized Company, MCC Wuhan Research Institute of Metallurgical Construction, and the united teams of CFMCC Overseas Company and CFMCC Examining and Repairing Company won a prize for excellence. And then the guests and company leaders presented the prizes. 
This competition is one of the important activities for celebration of the 60th Anniversary of establishment of CFMCC. All branches and subsidiaries have paid high attention to it and actively formed teams to participate. And the delegations won praises from the judges and exhibited high spirits of CFMCC people. 
By Hu Peng & Fu Shuqing
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