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CFMCC Leaders Visit Site Workers during National Day

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It was a crisp fall day of 1st Oct. 2014, the air was heavy with osmanthus fragrance. CFMCC Chairman and party secretary Song Zhanjiang, CFMCC deputy secretary Liu Yiming, and CFMCC deputy MD and general manager of CFMCC Wuhan Branch Lei Qing all went to the construction sites of Wuqing Dike Upgrading Project and Wuhan Changfeng Avenue Project to visit the workers stuck to their posts during National Day. They expressed their sincere regards on behalf of CFMCC. Relevant leaders accompanied them on the visit. 
At each site, the leaders got to understand the site progress and existing problems in detail. They carefully checked the new technology, new process and new construction method, and patiently asked the workers’ working and living situation at site that made them feel warm and love.
At the construction site of 3rd Jianshe Road for Wuqing Dike Upgrading Project, Song Zhanjiang positively affirmed their working style and achievements and appreciated that their continuous hardworking helped CFMCC build a good enterprise image. At the same time, he required all companies, taking full advantage of the current golden period, to make a good arrangement of construction to ensure the earth covered structures to be put into operation before Wuhan CIGF EXPO in 2015.
At the construction site of Wuhan Changfeng Avenue Project, the party checked section 6 of PKG-3, undertaken by CFMCC Construction Engineering Company, section 2 of PKG-3, undertaken by CFMCC Steel Structure Company, and section 10 of PKG-1, undertaken by CFMCC Communications Company, and then Song Zhanjiang pointed out that with the ever-increasing experience in municipal works, CFMCC shall enhance the efficiency and reduce the cost of construction through various means and construction methods, and shall work hard on technical innovation and strengthen training of personnel. Besides, they were required to complete the works with quality and quantity guaranteed during the holiday, meanwhile, pay attention to the construction safety. 
During the visit, Song Zhanjiang also had a cordial talk with young employees. He asked about their working, living and family, and hoped them to continue CFMCC’s spirits of “dare to think, fight and break through” to become the elites in the field of municipal works.
Up to date, for Wuqing Dike Upgrading Project, the piling works of earth covered structures is under way, the old dike at 2nd , 3rd ,4th and 7th Jianshe Road is sped up to be removed and leveled, and roadbed for 140m-wide car lane in PKG-1 of Phase-II completes excavation; for Wuhan Changfeng Avenue Project, total 9 concrete box girders complete concreting along the main line, and 3 steel box girders complete erection, with another 3 in the course of construction.
By Huang Jing and Hu Peng
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