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Liu Yiming Comes to CFMCC Overseas Company for Investigation

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In the afternoon of 10th Oct. 2014, Liu Yiming, CFMCC Director, General Manager and Vice Secretary, and Liu Santao, CFMCC General Manager Assistant, came to CFMCC Overseas Company for investigation. Yao Xian’an, party secretary of CFMCC Overseas Company, and members of the leading group in Wuhan attended the meeting. 
At the meeting, Yao Xian’an and the other leaders at first analyzed and made reports on the current status, objects and tasks, focus of marketing, pushing forward the projects under construction, HR management, market positioning, as well as the problems Overseas Company is facing and the solutions to be carried out next, to CFMCC leaders.   
After carefully heard the reports, Liu Yiming and Liu Santao made a detailed analysis and exchanged their views, and put forward some requests for the leading group of CFMCC Overseas Company.
Firstly, all leading cadres shall be strengthened capacity building, never slacken their efforts and fight against them when facing difficulties, and analyze and summarize the experience from the headstream; secondly, all members of leading group shall find solutions to the existing problems ASAP, and work hard on the management of the projects on hand to minimize the risks and loss; thirdly, Overseas Company shall work through channels to speed up collection of outstanding payment from ESL, expand the market in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and etc., and strengthen contact with other companies of MCC Group and designers to try to get new contract; fourthly, localization management of overseas projects shall be strengthened. And the company shall dare to recruit outstanding people to push ahead with overseas market exploitation and project operation;fifthly, CFMCC puts much hope on and provides support for Overseas Company unchanged, and its leading group shall keep clear thinking and unite as one to manage to come out of the current situation as early as possible.        
By Qi Zheng 
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