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CFMCC and CBMB Sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

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On 9th Oct. 2014, CFMCC and CBMB signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties would give full play to their professional advantages, to carry out extensive cooperation in road materials and equipment, project construction and other fields. Before signing the agreement, Song Zhanjiang, CFMCC chairman and party secretary, had a cordial conversation with Gao Qingshou, CBMB president. CFMCC leaders Liu Yiming, Lao Xiaoyun and Wang Cheng participated in the discussion.
Gao Qingshou and his crew visited CFMCC’s exhibition hall at first. In the subsequent meeting, Song Zhanjiang introduced the basic situation of CFMCC. He pointed out that, CFMCC is a metallurgical construction enterprise with sixty-year history. In recent years, with the gradual shrinking of the metallurgical market, CFMCC realized the transition to non metallurgical fields through its professional and technical advantages of long-term accumulation, and contracted a large number of representative works in the fields of infrastructure works, roads and bridges, high-rise buildings, municipal stadium, industrial park and etc. Moreover, CFMCC also accumulated rich experience in construction, formed unique professional technology advantages, and cultivated good sense of service. CBMB is a comprehensive industrial group, which has a good development momentum. CFMCC and CBMB business are highly complementary, and have broad prospects for cooperation. Both parties should take the opportunity of the strategic cooperation, give full play to their capital, technology, management and other aspects of the advantages to realize mutual benefit and win-win.  
Gao Shouqing said, after ten years of rapid development, CBMB has become a group company with businesses in highway construction and highway operation management, R & D, production and sales of highway products, real estate, hotel investment. CFMCC is a state-owned enterprises with a long history, which has made outstanding contributions for the development of national iron and steel industry and economy construction. It also has a powerful strength in the field of engineering construction. The establishment of strategic cooperative partnership has great significance for the two parties to expand further market and realize common development.
Following the talks, the two parties held a signing ceremony. Liu Yiming, CFMCC GM and Deputy Party Secretary, and Gao Tao, CBMB VP, signed a strategic cooperation agreement, witnessed by Song Zhanjiang, Gao Qingshou and other leaders of both parties. And it marked the opening of a new chapter of deepen all-round cooperation for the two parties. 
Hao Liqun, CBMB VP, Guo Qiang, CBMB Executive VP, Zhao Qinghua, Chief Economist of Hubei Guochuang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Liu Liguo, GM of Hubei Guochuang Road Engineering Co., Ltd., Wang Xiangxian, Deputy GM of Hubei Guochuang Road Material Technology Co., Ltd., Liu Changhong, CBMB Adviser, and others from CFMCC Communications Company, CFMCC Construction and Engineering Company and CFMCC Marketing Department attended the signing ceremony and participated in the discussion.
By Hu Peng

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