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CFMCC Enters the Ranks of Wuhan Top 100 This Year

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On 11th Oct. 2014, Liu Yiming, CFMCC General Manager and Vice Secretary, attended “2014 Wuhan Top 100 Companies and Top 100 Private Enterprises Release Conference”, and received the award. 
Under the background of implementation of the guidelines of the Third Plenary Session of its 16th Central Committee and economy transformation and update, to make Wuhan enterprises solve the problems caused by complicated international economy and weakening economy growth in China, and to push the enterprises to take full advantages of its regional advantage and policies to build national central city, guide the enterprises to create new motive force of development and innovate mode of development to make the enterprises bigger and stronger, Wuhan Association of Enterprises and Wuhan Entrepreneur Association ranked 2014 Wuhan Top 100. The ranking was made on the principles of voluntariness in accordance with domestic and international common practice, with entry standard of revenue in 2013, adding net profit, total asset, ownership interest, R&D expenditure, total amount of paid tax, number of employees, overseas revenue and etc. And CFMCC ranked in 23rd place of Wuhan Top 100 in 2014.   
By Wang Dan
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