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SAT Comes to CFMCC for One-Month Field Audit Work of Tax Risk Management

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On 14th Oct. 2014, a team of tax experts, formed by Department of Big Enterprise Management of State Administration of Taxation (SAT), came to CFMCC to carry out one-month tax risk management field audit work. At 15:00 in the afternoon, the First Field Audit Conference began in multifunctional hall on the 3rd floor. 
Xiong Xiaoqing, chief of Division V, Department of SAT Big Enterprise Management, and the deputy chiefs Xu Jianhong, Guo Jiayin and Zhou Dan, as well as tax expert team attended the meeting accompany by the leaders from national and local taxes authorities at provincial, municipal and district level. Zhang Yin, deputy director of MCC Financial Department, Chen Yongkang, deputy director of MCC Tax Department, Liu Yiming, CFMCC GM and deputy Party secretary, Dai Jianren, CFMCC chief accountant, and principal leaders and Financial Department Heads of CFMCC functional departments and branches were all present at the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Zhang Yin. 
At the meeting, Xiong Xiaoqing at first emphasized the importance of field audit work of tax risk. Tax administration of big enterprise indicated a respect for enterprise tax administration and innovation of tax works on a purely national level, and represented all sidedness of implementation of laws and regulations on a tax paying level. Then he briefly introduced the field audit work plan, and the audit was scheduled to start from 14th Oct. to 14th Nov. 2014; audit targets contained branches, project departments, and subsidiaries involved; and the audit work would be carried out by several groups according to priority of importance. Xu Jianhong then made detailed arrangement for future field audit work from three aspects, namely, unified work flow, unified work contents, and unified work requirements. 
Liu Yiming, on behalf of CFMCC, extended a warm welcome to SAT leaders and expert team, and said that CFMCC would give full support, without reservation, to the field audit work in accordance with the requirements. Dai Jianren then made a report on CFMCC tax risk management from the aspects of CFMCC history evolution, organizational structure, enterprise present situation, risk management, internal control construction and etc. 
After the meeting, Dai Jianren led SAT leaders and expert team to visit CFMCC exhibition hall.
By Huang Min
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