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CFMCC Won the Title of “National Metallurgical Const. Hoisting Innovation Outstanding Unit”

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On 21st April, Upgrades and Innovative Development Forum of National Metallurgical Construction Industry and 2016 Annual Meeting of Hoisting Working Committee was held in Shanghai. CFMCC Mechanization Company won the title of “National Metallurgical Construction Hoisting Realistic and Innovative Outstanding Unit”.
In the meeting, Mr. Huang Shuqi, the Manager of CFMCC Mechanization Company made a speech. Facing the increasingly competitive hoisting market in recent years, CFMCC Mechanization Company dealt with it and made the overall arrangement calmly to seek new ideas for innovative development. On the condition of doing good job in traditional metallurgical hoisting market, CFMCC Mechanization Company develop markets in many fields such as electric power, petrochemical engineering, rail transit, municipal construction, offshore wind power lifting and hoisting integration etc. Meanwhile, CFMCC Mechanization Company keeps improving internal management, increases the strength of staff’s skill enhancement and brings up the innovative spirit of staff. The company inputs human and material resources actively in project research and development and technological innovation, insists on promoting development through scientific and technological innovation to lay the foundation for expanding market.

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